wayoffyonder (wayoffyonder) wrote in thepcpwns,

The PC's Official LJ Community!

Yay. I'm Cera (on Sparklee) or Goober (on TPS), and I've finally gotten up off my lazy arse to start this thing. xD

Basically, we're a Petz Community LJ Community, meaning we're focused not just on Petz, but on the community as a whole. The idea is to get to know eachother a little better, make some new friends, just do some fun things together.

I've made the community friends-only, in case anyone wants to post pictures of themselves (if it ever comes up, or in your intros, whatever) but doesn't want them for the whole world to see.

Don't forget to read the rules in our userinfo, k?

Also, once you join, please post an introduction entry with the information posted in our userinfo. Thank you. <3
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